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Features on Helicopter and Aircraft simulators may include:

  • Six degree of freedom real-time motion
  • Seat shaker (vibration cue)
  • Motion control loading
  • Cockpit procedure training
  • Full or limited view synthetic visual scenes
  • Cockpit communications
  • Weapons delivery training
  • Avionics
  • Malfunctions
  • Real time Mission training

HELICOPTERS UH-1H, Huey II, Bell 212 and Bell AH-1 

DynaLantic Corp manufactures both IFR and VFR simulators for the
UH-1H, Huey II and Bell 212 aircraft. Exceptionally high aerodynamic performance has been achieved utilizing a blade element rotor simulation model.

Current Projects in process of being incorporated, fully maintained and operated at DynaLantic Corp. Ozark, AL. facility.

Bell AH-1 flight and weapons simulator

Out the window view of Huey II helicopter simulator using DynaView (TM) plasma display panels


will design and manufacture to customer specifications; e.g. “Night Vision” (NVG) cockpit with custom Huey II Instrumentation replicas of any fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft cockpit, providing simulation as required for any training need. Part task simulations and cockpit procedures trainers for aircraft such as A-6, A-7, A-10, F-18, and C-5A have been provided for various levels of training tasks from familiarization through full scope student emersion. The company offers unique customer specified training devices for both “hands on maintenance” and “classroom lecture.”


DynaLantic provides a wide variety of maintenance and combat specific ‘hands on’ training devices. Ordinance Armament trainers have been delivered that allow students to de-bug fire control systems for many weapons such as AIM-9, AIM-7, LAU-116, BRU-10A, AERO-7A, MER/TER bomb racks and the M61-A1 cannon.

Hands on maintenance trainers for the aircraft air cycle system provides classroom familiarization in the piping and components in a fighter aircraft air cycle system.

Loading and unloading the M61-A1 gun is learned with hands- on training utilizing a full profile accurately weighted replica.

Multi-function cockpit configuration contains the armament system panels including fuzing, firing and jettison controls and FPD and warning displays for ground check-out.